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A Spectacular Result

Client was indicted in Federal Court in Detroit, Michigan for possessing 3 kilos of heroin. At the arraignment he was facing a 10 year mandatory minimum. At the sentencing hearing yesterday, I was (gratefully) able to persuade the Honorable Judge Edmunds of the Eastern District of Michigan that incarceration would not be a just sentence; […]

Another Great Result

Client was an executive at a publicly traded company, charged with stealing a $1,650.00 bag from a store in Manhattan; video surveillance showed him rather cavalierly stealing the bag right under the nose of the salesperson. Not good. Client’s entire career was on the line and the prosecutors were not forgiving- plea to the charge […]

Felony Sexual Assault Charges Dismissed!

Persuaded the prosecutor that the allegations did not make sense and that the case should be dismissed outright; no plea bargain would be accepted. Prosecutor eventually agrees and moves to dismiss charges in full. Client is a very good person and I am extremely happy for him. This is what he wrote to me after […]

Case Dismissed!!!

ACD on Felony Charges where evidence was very strong for prosecution! A Grand Slam… Just got an Assault case dismissed on the motion of the prosecution. Convinced them my client was innocent and they did the right thing and dismissed. Cheers to ADA Lee Langston of the New York County DA’s office for his courage […]

Latest News

A BEAUTIFUL RESULT- Filed motion to dismiss Conspiracy charge as the facts could not support the charge- after Oral Argument Supreme Court Judge Daniel Conviser files a 37 page decision dismissing the Conspiracy charge and accordingly the indictment. CASE DISMISSED!!! SUPPRESSION! Client charged with multiple felony counts of drug possession and possession with intent to […]