The following are testimonials from clients that this office has had the privilege of representing:

“We were awakened early one morning by a police officer in NYC telling us that our son, a new college graduate, was arrested on a criminal charge for DUI. We were in another state desperate to help. We have many NY friends who are lawyers, but no criminal lawyers. I went to the internet, entered DUI lawyers NYC, and from the descriptions and testimonials on Adam’s website, we chose him. It was well after eleven at night when I called his number. It was the luckiest call we could ever have made. Our son was out on his own recognizance within 2 hours of Adam meeting with him.

After reviewing the evidence, speaking with our son and seeing the police video, Adam determined that a false breathalyzer reading had likely occurred. Due to the very high breathalyzer results, it took a year resolve this matter as favorably as possible, and Adam worked diligently and impressively to make it happen. His advice and reassurance helped us all make it through this difficult time. Adam has an amazing ability to relate to people, to work with people and to clearly explain all the issues involved. Adam sought justice for our son and through his skills, justice was served.

I am a professor and my husband an attorney, we both give Adam an A+ for his legal acumen, his diligence and understanding of how difficult it is to persevere under the dark cloud of an undeserved criminal charge. Adam displayed great kindness and patience in dealing with all of us, no matter how annoying our questions and concerns may have been. But most of all, he helped our son believe that a successful future was possible, and through Adam’s optimism and support, he enabled our son to move from pessimism and despair to begin building his future.”

E.I. Boston, MA

“A. Adam Mehrfar provides an exemplary level of legal services that surpasses all expectations. He commits more than 100% to ensuring that you are appropriately represented.  I found his knowledge of the legal system and the process, very reassuring and provided me with a sense being in safe, reliable and capable hands.  Adam is very thorough and decisive- he is the consummate legal professional.  He works with you to provide an optimum level of service.  Adam’s rates are extremely reasonable and he works with you. His writing skills are phenomenal.    Throughout my criminal case, I had a feeling of personal service that eased any discomfort or stress I may have had.  I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a great criminal defense lawyer.”

B.E. Mount Vernon, NY

“I got myself into a situation that could have seriously damaged my career and to make matters worse I had a baby on the way. When I walked into Mr. Mehrfar’s office I was a wreck. I just left another attorney’s office and he was a jerk, he was more interested telling me who he knew in the DA’s office and how he could guarantee a certain outcome (which is unethical) rather than trying to listen to what I had to say regarding my case, so I didn’t know what to expect from Adam. I have to admit I was very intimidated by the location of the office and I thought I was going to have to dish out a ton of money for his services. To my surprise it was the total opposite- he was very sensitive to my situation and very easy to talk to he answered all of my questions in english not in legal terms I wouldn’t understand. Overall he gave me a piece of mind and I am still thankful to this day. I don’t plan on getting myself into anymore situations where I may need his legal services but if I hear of or know anyone who needs a criminal defense lawyer, A. Adam Mehrfar is number 1,2,and 3 on my list of people to call..”

A.J. Bronx, New York

“I chose A. Adam Mehrfar because I had heard that he actually cares how his clients’ cases turn out. Luckily, I was right. At our consultation I could tell that he saw me as more than a source of billable hours. His overall demeanor proved he was truly interested in keeping me out of serious trouble, and his recall of facts of my case on subsequent meetings showed that he did not simply think of me as just another case in some large caseload. His advice turned what could have been at least one felony charge into a plea offer from the DA of a violation. I know people who have been charged with similar allegations, and not one of them had anywhere near as good a result. Then, after the case was finished, Mr. Mehrfar took the extra step of filing paperwork I was supposed to file simply to save me the trouble. I have already given his contact information to a handful of friends in case they ever get in trouble, so they can call him before the arraignment and have good representation from the start. I carry Mr. Mehrfar’s business card with me and would recommend him to anybody.”

D.L. New York, NY

“I was faced with the first, and only, criminal charge of my life…my career and future was on the line, and I knew it was important to get the very best attorney. After meeting/speaking with a number of attorneys, I knew from the outset that Adam was the best choice: Adam’s experience, knowledge, sincerity, confidence, relationship/experience interacting with the Court and prosecutor, and negotiation skills yielded the best results possible (all charges fully dismissed). Moreover, weeks/months after my case was dismissed, Adam went above and beyond his responsibility to me as a former client to helping me out with a number of matters related to the charges initially filed against me. Thank you very much Adam.”

A.P. New York, NY

“Recently, I was facing criminal charges of assault from an incident which stemmed from a fight at a Manhattan nightclub where I was neither the aggressor nor victim. Rather, I acted as a peacemaker and tried to break up the fight which involved a friend of mine and 4 other individuals. I had just graduated from college and was ready to begin a career and these charges could easily have derailed my future ambitions and goals. At first, I made the mistake of retaining another lawyer because of a recommendation from a family member. However, it soon became clear this individual lacked the experience and knowledge to handle my case so I consulted Adam Mehrfar as well. The difference between the two lawyers was like night and day. Adam clearly mapped out the path which we would take throughout the next few months and what each possible outcome would be. He soothed my biggest worries and explained what would happen each time we went to court. In addition, I am convinced his vast experience with the New York prosecutors and DAs was what enabled him to achieve such a favorable outcome. Adam often worked hard behind the scenes negotiating with the prosecutor and really went out of his way to defend me. After two brief appearances, Adam was able to get my case dismissed and for that I am forever grateful.”

S.C. New York, NY

“This was the first accident of my life. I was so scared and was getting choked with my own fear and guilt. The list of the lawyers I spoke and met with were all about the money and they made me more scared than I originally was. Then my sis introduced me to Adam. Ah! This person was so comfortable and so welcoming and so willing to hear and had so much empathy, in my first meeting itself I was convinced that this lawyer is certain on getting me justice and he really knows what he is talking about. He used all his resources, knowledge and time in the fight to get me justice on the final hearing and we got what we fought for and in a span of much less time I was expecting the case to be solved. I was extremely happy and I had no words to express my heart felt thank to him, all I could say to him that ‘You are my Hero, and thank you for all you have done for me.’”

K.N. Queens, NY

“Mr. Mehrfar is both knowledgeable and responsive. His results oriented attitude resulted in dismissal of my case where other attorneys advised me to plead to a lesser offense. In the face of an over zealous prosecutor, Adam championed my cause and case to the very end. I have dealt with many lawyers in both my professional and personal life and Adam is one of a very few litigators that I would recommend without hesitation.”

D.N. Tuxedo, NY

“I have always been a law abiding citizen. The type of individual who follows the rules and never veers from the standard path. As such, when I recently found myself in a situation that required legal counsel I was terrified. During our first meeting, Adam gathered the necessary details surrounding my case without passing any judgment on me personally. He very confidently laid out a plan of attack and what the possible outcomes could be, both good and bad. Additionally, he took the time during our first meeting and throughout my case to explain the legal process to me and to answer any questions or concerns I might have had. After meeting with Adam, I felt like a large part of the anxiety I had had been lifted as I felt that I now had someone on my side to guide me through this difficult time. Each and every time I spoke with Adam, I felt like I was his number one priority. His professionalism and his integrity are unparalleled, but what I really appreciated was the humanity with which he handled my case. As Adam predicted, after two court appearances, my case was dismissed. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone who is in need of a knowledgeable, experienced and result oriented attorney.”

S. K. New York, NY

“A momentary lapse in judgment found me with a misdemeanor charge that would have marked me personally, hurt my ability to earn a living and stall the professional success I have worked so hard for. I have been a good person, a good father and a hard worker and Adam was able to factor that into my defense and have the charges dismissed. Thanks Adam, You have lifted a great weight off my shoulders.”

M.S. Garden City, NY

“Dear Adam,
Your experience, knowledge, professionalism, and rapport building qualities were made quite apparent when the court dismissed my assault charges in whole, and without any trace of record. As a professional person working in New York, a criminal assault charge would devastate my career and my life. I am proud of my decision to retain your services after interviewing several other defense attorneys and will recommend you if, or when, a need for an excellent defense attorney arises. Thank you.”

D.C. Brooklyn, NY

“Dear Adam,
It is the utmost of respect and appreciation I send you this testimonial. After being arrested for rape in the first degree. I was sure facing jail time. I spent many restless night worrying about this horrible nightmare I knew that I was 100% innocent of the allegation. I remember sitting in his office as Adam explained to me that I was facing serious charges and it was going to be a long uphill battle. Adam really worked hard on my case and he was able to get it dismissed. But most important Adam truly believed I was innocent. It was a great honor to have Mr. Adam Mehrfar as my lawyer. Thank You.”

H.L. New York, NY

“I had a DWI matter in Rockland County and things were not looking good after about four appearances. My attorneys at the time pretty much told me to accept the plea of guilty. What they didn’t understand is that I am a young man who is just starting out my professional life, and I recently graduated from college. I couldn’t afford to have a DWI on my criminal record, as employers would probably turn me down. I contacted Adam who understood, and listened. He explained everything very clearly. After two court appearances, and filing the necessary motions in my legal matter he was able to get the DWI lowered to a DWAI. This pretty much kept my Criminal record clean. Thanks Adam.”

C.D. New York, NY

“Like most people who face the New York criminal justice system for the first time, I was completely unprepared in how to respond to such charges. I found Adam Mehrfar through my own research on the web. His professional background and experience, but also the testimonials of his other clients, gave me a sense that he was the right lawyer to take on the case. And he was! From the first consultation to the closing of the case I came to appreciate his full dedication, both on a professional and personal level. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends and colleagues.”

P.S., N.Y., N.Y.

“Good Day Adam,
I can’t believe it had already been one year since we were sitting in your office, uncertain of the future. I just wanted to take a moment to say hello, and to say Thank You, Thanks for working hard on _____’s case, Thanks for working with us on your attorney fees. Thanks for your hard work and persistence. Thanks for making a really bad situation easy to handle. Be sure to know that you will always come highly recommended by us.”

D.D. Hampton, VA

“I will never forget the day my brother was facing a serious charge and I was desperately in search of a criminal defense attorney. In tears, I surfed the net and came across several attorneys, but for some reason, my eyes caught the name of A. Adam Mehrfar, Esq. After trying him at his office, I called his cell phone which he had listed on the website. From that one conversation, I was convinced that he was perfect for the case but of course I had to research other lawyers to compare feedback. From the moment I retained Adam, he was a dream come true. He took time to analyze the problem and thought of many clever ways that he will approach the case. And most of all he promised that everything will be okay and I must say he was a man to his word. The case got dismissed. Mr. Mehrfar knows his stuff. I highly recommend him.”

T.B. New York, New York

“My story unlike the others you may read is one of being skeptical that anyone could help my case. I was charged with a refusal to take a breathalyzer, my car was taken, i spent three nights in jail and i still had to face the judge. I was sure that the court system would throw the book at me, but the truth is that Adam always saw the light at the end of the tunnel. And he was right. He resolved my case with an dismissal of the charges, and that was a week after I wanted to take a plea from the prosecuting attorney. Adam advised me against it and he once again was RIGHT ON THE MONEY, being charged with DWI in New York City can be a horrible experience, being convicted is even worse.Make sure you choose a qualified attorney to protect your rights.”

J.C.New Jersey

“The best of people will sometimes find themselves in desperate situations that require legal counsel. I thought I’d never be one of these people, but I was. My situation needed an experienced attorney in all areas of law. I had limited funds and little time to respond. After a round of interviews with several attorneys and a miserable meeting with legal aid, I decided to search the web for specialized services. I discovered Mr. Mehrfar’s site and decided to give his office a call on a weeknight at 7pm. Surprisingly he picked up the phone and took time to diagnose my problem on the spot. He gave me more detail in one phone call than any of the other attorneys I had met in person. He worked with my financial budget and provided nothing less than his promise to resolve my case – great writing, great interaction with other attorneys and lawmakers, and great instinct as to the steps taken. I hold him in high regard for his talents with people and his expert knowledge of the law.”


F.G. Hempstead, NY

“I am a foreign lawyer from Panama. After consulting with several lawyers in NYC i realized not only that Adam’s knowledge and experience in this matter were excellent, but also that his integrity was clear from the beginning. It turned out that my first impression was not wrong, as Adam not only got the case resolved in the manner and time frame that he promised, but worked with no original papers or clear way of reaching his client. I definitely can’t say enough about his resiliency and professionalism regarding my case.”

R.F. Panama City, Panama

“Adam’s personal involvement, care and attention to my case was very reassuring. It was a pleasure to have him there to guide me through the stressful situation. Adam’s skill and knowledge of the legal system were instrumental in the successful defense of my criminal case.”

J.K. Queens, NY.

“You cannot elsewhere obtain a better legal service with the simultaneous best professional and personal touch provided by Mr. Mehrfar. He has become our guardian angel during a difficult period in our lives, and he got just results for us.”

H.H. New York, NY

“Mr. Mehrfar is a knowledgeable attorney who was empathetic to my legal and financial situation. He went well above the call of duty to get my desired results. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of a criminal attorney”

A.R. Virginia Beach, VA

“I can never forget what Counselor A. Adam Mehrfar did for me in that courtroom that day. In the clutch, and in a very difficult situation indeed, Counselor Mehrfar moved in and cleared house. When the chips were down, and on short notice, A. Adam Mehrfar came in and set the record straight on something that was crucial to my well-being. I wouldn’t recommend going into a courtroom without A. Adam Mehrfar on your side.”

S.L. Bronx, NY

“The Legal services provided by Mr.Mehrfar were outstanding. Recognizing his hard work and encouraging confidence created a sense of comfort for me during my family’s and I, difficult time.”

E.O. Cliffside Park, NJ