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A BEAUTIFUL RESULT- Filed motion to dismiss Conspiracy charge as the facts could not support the charge- after Oral Argument Supreme Court Judge Daniel Conviser files a 37 page decision dismissing the Conspiracy charge and accordingly the indictment. CASE DISMISSED!!!

  • SUPPRESSION! Client charged with multiple felony counts of drug possession and possession with intent to sell- A. Adam Mehrfar argued that all evidence must be suppressed as evidence was obtained as direct result of illegal police conduct and Judge agreed- Prosecutor has no choice but to dismiss all charges!!!

  • SAVING WALL STREET: Banker charged with Possession of Cocaine – Wall Street firm, Job and Bonus at serious risk- Case Dismissed within 11 days of Arraignment!
  • Top Charge – Unlawful Imprisonment – factual allegations not pretty- no offer at the start, final result ACD!

  • Shoplifting Case- Client accused of stealing more than $400 in merchandise- Result = ACD! (prosecutor went outside office guidelines to make offer)

  • Client charged with Resisting Arrest and Theft of Services – Result = ACD!

  • Another Great Result! Just obtained an “ACD” for a client charged with Assault…

    Arraignments – just got a client arraigned and out of jail  in record time- call came in at 4:30, family had no idea where he was, got him out of jail (and the case ACD’d) by 8:20…

    Victory!  DWI case where the client blew a .163 on the breathalyzer (more than double the legal limit) and after almost a year of negotiations, prosecutor finally offering a plea to a traffic infraction, going outside their mandatory guidelines…