The Mission is simple – Extremely Satisfied Clients. When the case is over, I want my clients to feel that retaining my services was the best decision they ever made.
Since 1996, I have been practicing law as a criminal defense attorney in New York City. I love what I do. I understand that good people can make mistakes or get arrested when they have done nothing wrong. Many crimes are falsely reported and many people are wrongly charged. Regardless of the merits of the case, being accused of a crime often results in a tremendous amount of emotional pain and anxiety for the accused and their loved ones.
My goal is to make the process as painless as possible for our clients, while we try to achieve a great result. I keep clients updated on all developments in their case, and listen to their issues and concerns. I take the time to explain the procedure and the various strategies available for obtaining the best result. To the extent that they want to be, my clients are involved in all of the important decisions on how the case is handled. Nevertheless, once I am retained, the case is my responsibility and I do my absolute best to get the best result possible. For the client this means they can stop worrying about the case and go about their lives. Many of my clients tell me that once they retained me they stopped obsessing about the outcome and could go back to their normal lives, which was obviously a huge relied for them.
Criminal defense is not easy. Being a very good criminal defense lawyer requires many skills: knowledge of the law and procedure, intelligence, experience, and the ability to communicate concepts in a meaningful way, among others. Communication is key – a large part of our job is getting the prosecutor, judges, or jurors to understand the entire picture of what happened – not just the snapshot that is reported by the police or witnesses.
Yet obtaining great results in a criminal case is not only about skills. There are many criminal defense lawyers who are competent, but don’t have passion for the work. (This seems especially true for some former prosecutors, for whom the hat of a criminal defense lawyer is not always a good fit.) Maybe they don’t like their clients, maybe they don’t believe in their client’s cause, or maybe they just don’t care. Whatever the reason, a disinterested lawyer is not likely to obtain a great result in a criminal case.
The most essential factor in achieving a great outcome is something rather intangible – that singular determination to never settle for anything less than the best. The best criminal defense lawyers are not only strong persuaders who are well versed in the law, but they also have the drive to go all the way for their clients in the pursuit of the best possible results.
It is this combination of skill and determination that has allowed me to obtain so many fantastic results for my clients over the years. Lawyers are not allowed to guarantee results, but I can guarantee that I will do my absolute best on my clients’ behalf.
Accept nothing less from the lawyer that represents you.
A. Adam Mehrfar